Make@SSU Blog


An intrepid cohort of eleven SSU faculty gathered to explore how their students might incorporate Maker-style projects to better access university-level curriculum in the diverse fields of art, philosophy,...Read more

Make@SSU is a campus wide initiative to empower and foster an inclusive maker community. Recent technological advances in fabrication and digital communications have drastically enhanced the process of learning, creating, and making.

Make@SSU brings awareness to courses, programs, and makerspace activities across the campus. SSU’s centralized makerspace, the SSU Makerspace, is located on the 2nd floor of the Library. This space is available to student, faculty, and staff. It also supports campus maker events, hands-on curriculum, maker education research, certificate programs, and hobbies. It complements SSU’s existing makerspaces which currently includes art studios, research labs, wood and metal shops, and even costume and scene shops.

For questions or more information email Jonathan Smith jonathan.smith@sonoma.edu.